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    Stories of recovery
    Stories of Recovery

    Choices, Not Advice

    ​In 2005, Kathy Lewis had her first introduction to the Crisis Response Center (CRC). “I had tried suicide four different ways in one day,” she recalls. “I decided since it didn’t work, I needed to get some help.”

    At the time, the CRC was known as Help on Call, and was run by Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation (SAMHC). “I didn’t know what to expect. I figured when I called the police, they would take me away and lock me up in a padded roo

    Kathy Lewis
    Posted 8/22/2014

    ​Jody Gardner – Recovery is Possible

    ​Jody Gardner, Individual and Family Affairs Administrator with CPSA, was recently interviewed by Recovery Innovations Arizona (RIA). RIA provides services to over 10,000 adults with serious mental illness and substance use issues in Maricopa County. During the interview, Jody discussed many of the key issues that providers are struggling with regarding peers in the workforce. The challenges related to stigma, disclosure, and integration are a few of the topics covered. Please take a few minutes to watch the video, as Jody openly talks about the difficulties many in peer support face in their jobs on a daily basis
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