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    Stories of recovery
    Stories of Recovery

    I would like to begin with a quote I heard the other day, “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.” As you begin recovery, you might not have much hope. You might be battling fear among other negative thought processes. As a Recovery Support Specialist it is very important that I never forget how fragile each opportunity is to change one of those negative thoughts to a glimmer of positive hope, showing them that, “Hope is Strength, and the sky is the limit!

    Eric Cody
    Posted 3/5/2014

    Better together through bicycling...

    Outside Magazine, the Travel Channel, and others have recognized what a great city Tucson is for biking! CPSA is a proud sponsor of the annual community event, El Tour de Tucson.
    Cycling is a great activity for both physical and mental health. Although it attracts an international crowd of more than 9,000 riders, the partnership with El Tour de Tucson provides an outlet for community collaboration and social support.
    Funds raised from El Tour are reinvested with many local charitable agencies.
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